Sunday, January 15, 2012

Happy New Year

2011 has been great year for me. I managed to lived my life like how I imagined it. I made more money, worked wit so many talents, and produced more songs. Lets hope 2012 will be more kind to me, and my singing career. Id love to be known more as a singer as opposed to a producer. Lets hope 2012 will be a year full of love and happiness :)


Monday, December 26, 2011

My Holiday Confession

Its been almost 2 years that I left my former group, but im still hearing things I that don’t like. ‘R’ aka Karen still posting status about me, tweeting and mocking me to all my friends. Yes I responded my way, tapi sampai bila I wanna go that low kan? Its best for me to come clean and just speak up my mind

If you must know, yes I hate him. This is my true confession. Everybody knows that. It doesn’t matter how many people hated me bcoz most of the people around me knows what type of person I am. Plus I don’t normally hate people easily. But I hate him so much that if I see him crossing my path, I might beat him to death

Let me tell you why?

Mentality. I just cant stand being around a non-productive people. He is a typical malay with low IQ. Back then in the group, I always had issues with him (and ‘D’). But ‘D’ is being himself, childish, and irresponsible of him. But Karen is a total crap, that’s why D and Karen can get along bcoz Karen manjakan dia sangat. Dahlah pemalas, he sings the way he sings years ago. No improvement. Nak buat group RnB tapi tak dengar RnB. For all you know, he doesn’t even listen to music that much

Lemme correct you guys, for those who don’t know, neither ‘D’ and Karen is the group leader. I was bombarded by a fan accusing how selfish I was to quit the group after all the effort they put. That’s when ur wrong. ‘D’ has never contributed nothing to the group except for his strong vocal and the name INF (which he created). Yes he is a fantastic singer, but it takes more than just singing to build and sustain a group. He doesn’t even know what to talk to the press, or what clothes to bring for our shows or as a matter of fact, iron his own clothes. So that’s D. He is just immatured. What about Karen? 2x5 je. FYI, I was the one who produced all Infinatez track, did the vocal arrangement, to even promoting the tracks, and servicing to radio stations and broadcast. Even ‘D’’s adlib was done by me. It was me who deal with all organizerz. It was me also who brought in a total of RM 48,000 for Infinatez’s appearance at a musical. And what does Karen do? Dia pergi keje, pegi pasar and do nothing. That explains why he doesn’t get a verse for our main tracks. Yang dia dapat nyanyi lagu ‘Sayang Kinabalu’. Why? Sebab aku buat bass

But I understand and try to accommodate as much as possible. Infinatez was the only reason why I stayed doing music. However things changed when each one of them wanted to quit (padahal tak quit pun) with their own reason. Ada yang quit bcoz of girlfriend, tapi yang paling tak boleh blah, Karen wants to quit bcoz he is not happy. I quote ‘Aku dulu nyanyi duit takde pun happy, skang dapat show duit beribu tapi tak happy’. That’s what he stated. Whilst I acknowledge the fact that he is not happy, I do think as an adult we should sit together and resolve things. Problems are meant to be resolved. Dulu lain skang lain. Dulu nyanyi underground, skang ni karier kita bersama. Satu stop, the whole unit is effected. Aku berhenti keje as an IT engineer and I don’t expect someone to say things like that. So it balls back to mentality. And the best part, out of almost 7 years, we never had the chance to sit down together and have a good heart to heart talk. I think that’s essential to make sure the group stay alive.

Then after istiqarah, and discussion with my family member, I quit the group on their birthday. It’s a slap to them. But don’t blame me. I have fought enough for them, which I never receive any thank, and I no longer see any potential working together as a unit in the future with them. However I wish them well

It was all good at the beginning. Me and Karen was able to chit chat, hangout at mamak, play cards and badminton together. For me, work is work, personal is different. Im the type who knows how to segregate between professional life and personal. However it was till I got hit by the stupid controversy that I stole the song SOLO that he acted differently. More stupid I guess

Lets first talk about the controversy. Its plainly stupid. Amylea said I stole the song when everybody knows the composition is by me, the lyrics is by Eenaz Mokhtar and Altimet. Then she changed her statement to saying that I copied her idea. Later, she came out at Melodi with Flava saying that I stole their money. They said that I cant be trusted and ran off wit their money. Look, I have to be honest, yes they paid me a deposit for a song. However don’t blame me if your group member cant proceed with recording session because most of them are studying in campus. If I cant be trusted, I wouldn’t have been so busy producing other artiste this whole year. Labels wont even come to me asking for my song if they really think Im the type who steal song. And it pisses me off knowing the fact that they turned to TV instead of asking me the money directly. Later I found out that a member of FLAVA is dating Amylea. Kantoi J

So what has it got to do with Karen? Karen is close to FLAVA.

When I got hit with it, dia plak yang menyebok announce kat FB yang I already quit the group so don’t relate to Infinatez. How do you think I felt that time? First and foremost, don’t talk as if I don’t do shits for the group. I contributed more than him. But I still respect and apologized. Tapi come on la, people know me as ex-Infinatez, so tak perlu untuk melatah. Dulu bila aku quit ko tak announce pun, tapi bila aku kena controversy, ko perli tak sudah2 sampai nak buat press conference menyatakan I was no more part of the group. To me its nonsense. The controversy revolves around me, why should other party get involved. Aku sendiri taknak panjangkan cerita, si Karen memandai nak publisiti murahan and menyelit jugak buat apa? It shows how immatured you are in handling gossips. Plus where are they now? ‘SH’ just quit the group recently. They don’t have any demands, show pun takde, plus they don’t even have any singles after I left. Ye Infinatez group bersahabat, tapi the group was formed not to bersahabat. Its to pursue music. Kalau nak bersahabat, takyah buat group

Tak perlu nak sindir2 aku composer hebat, ye betul im a good composer and producer that’s why people still demand for my songs. I give value to my clients. I take my work seriously and take pride of my craft. But whats important is im still in the industry and make a living out of music. Ur still there talking behind my back. What else yang dia tak puas hati? He keeps on saying I don’t pay my musicians well, please bare in mind im a good paymaster. Some of them I even paid before we work. So come tell me straight to my face with proof and evidence. However I do admit I didn’t pay one female group ‘S’. But I got my reason. Here goes :

I didn’t ask anyone to back me up when I got hit. I didn’t want anyone to side me. All I ever wanted was for people to seek truth and side the truth. But you got it wrong. Nuff said u talked bout me to all my circle of friends, but giving me a bad remarks to my fans are so inhuman. That’s when I know who you really are and what you're made off. Plus your attitude wont take you no where



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

SOLO feat Altimet

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Deepavali

Id like to wish a blistful Deepavali to all Malaysians especially fellow Indian friends

I wish you well

Hope when you read this you would understand how I really feel. I'm not proud of what I did, but i knew one day I had to tell the truth. I'm full of guilt, and never once wanted to break your heart. NOT YOU!!!. But at the same time I cant lie to myself too and be with someone out of sympathy. The truth is I care, and I care a lot about you. You have been a person who stuck by me thru ups and downs. But I needed more than that to be in a relationship. I don't wanna settle with less. Therefore i opted to seek more to know what is less and what is more. What I want, and what I really need. Its your choice to leave me, because I never said that I wanted to leave. I wanted things to be just how it is. Nothing more nothing less. Maybe you left because you thought that you're the victim. But you're not. Truth is there are other girls before you, during your presence , and there will be girls after you as well. I'm not a player, neither am I a heartbraker. I just wanted the best for myself. And the fact that we have been so attached, that letting go seems so hard. I'm here, you know me very well, and after the things i went thru this couple of years, it made me into thinking bout life. I'm seeing things from other perspective. Nevertheless, I wish you well

Andi A. Merican

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dont you miss me?

Its been a while that i wrote something here. Had a conversation with a dear friend yesterday, that struck me when was my last time I pen down something here. Dah lama sangat kot. So I guess its better for me to just write whatever that crossed my mind.

Owh yeah. How ya'll doin? So how was Ramadhan and Raya. Sorry I didnt even had the time to even wish you guys. Guess, I got some other important priority to attend to. But for me, fasting month was great. I had a complete strike eventhough they were lotsa temptations, yelah knowing my music life and most of the time I was in the studio, lagilah terganggu iman. Dengan rokoknya, makan minum my non - muslim frens. But yeah, Im glad I survived :)

During Ramadhan, I stick to being productive. Bulan puasa memang kurang show unless suddenly I decided to sing lagu - lagu nasyid yang berbentuk kerohanian hehe. So bila kurang show tu most of my time I spend making music. I had a few ongoing projects that kept me busy sampai ramai jugak yang komplen, how anti-social I was. Bukak puasa pun ala kadar, and takdelah macam bukak puasa tahun2 lepas, spend bagai nak gila. Tahun nie, cukup sekadar makan, then sambung kerja di studio. Banyak jugaklah event berbuka puasa bersama press yang terlepas. But owh well, you know me. Im not the type who goes around and tayang muka just to get my face in the local newspapers and TV. Music aint fame for me. Its work. So deal with it. And i was so focused that i didnt realised besok dah raya. Hahaha. So few hours sebelum balik beraya pegi shopping at Jalan TAR. Sempatlah beli kasut samping and few more.

So bila dah kerja kaw-kaw, raya pun kaw-kaw lah. I think i didnt work for almost 2 weeks. Orang lain cuti a few days je kan, maksimum pun seminggu. I heard from my Singaporean mates, diorang lagilah cuti satu hari je. But i whacked 2 weeks. Itupun ader keje, kalau tak Ill probably spend a whole month resting. hehehe. My first day was at my dad's place, followed by my uncle and auntie's house. Banyak jugaklah duit terbang pada anak buah dan all my cousins. FYI, all my cousins are mostly 10 - 20 years younger than me. And i have around 50 cousin. So ya'll do the math berapa banyak duit raya i had to sacrifice. But again, I had fun. Then i went back to JB to visit my grandma. I miss my grandma cooking. She would know what I love and she would spend hours cooking for me. ( I would spend hours eating too). It was in JB that I had a total peace. Far away from all this hectic life. I eat, sleep, watch TV, eat, sleep, visit my family, eat sleep and maybe shit.

And then lepas habes cuti balik KL je terus kena keje................(non-stop)