Friday, May 29, 2009


I want more. After all I have achieved so far I still think that its not enough. Apart from earning a pretty good salary at the end of the month, performing on stage, producing artiste in the studio and writing songs, I still think that there are more to life than this. My initial plan was to set up my own cyber cafĂ© business. But after going thru a loads of discussions, and even after the proposal was completed I planned to backout due to recession, the high risk with big capital. Then suddenly I came across something else….

Property. I’m in love with houses, high-rise, landed and even shophouses. I think by having a property you are having another active income. Its either you own a business, or you become a CEO of an MNC then only you can feel secure of your future. And I opted for investment. And I see by having a property of your own, you can never go wrong as the capital appreciates eventhough recession is kinda bad nowdays

And its my dream to have my own house by this year. Let’s see if I can achieve that :)

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miemoe said...

good luck bro.

yang benar,
abg fahmi