Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

After so long of taking a break from writing, i decided to write again. Furthermore, how long can i rest from writing at my own page. I know there have been many if not tons of silent readers who now loves to read my blog. And i hope after this they would leave me some comments. hint hint !

Selamat tahun baru guys. I purposedly left my blog for some time to actually rest from everything. I took a break, recharge myself and at the same time figured out what is my next aim for 2009. As for me, 2008 was a good year, but im planning to make 2009 better than good. I bet ya'll have your new year resolution too. So whatever you choose to achieve this year, it better be bigger then last year. Aim higher ! I wanna be a better person, loving partner, good friend and an awesome songwriter for sure :)

Anyway countdown to new year was absolute fun. Me and my brotherhood was at Sunway partying till morning. Crowd was crazy and wild. Too bad now we are back to reality. Gotta work harder, and extra harder. sigh sigh sigh

Happy 2009 ya'll. Semoga tahun ini lebih diberkati dan tuhan membuka segala macam pintu rezeki yang halal untuk kita. Bless us !!!

Andy D' Believers

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